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Dev Blog #3: Sam Baker

Well, it’s that time again. Temperatures have started to cool down and our team members have flocked indoors to prepare for our production cycle. As we close out pre-production, we are currently starting to build out the different areas and dialogue encounters throughout the game. In our next update we will be going through our process: taking you all the way through from concept art to finished product, but right now it’s time to take another dive into our world.


A Young Reckless Soul, Looking for Clarity

As promised it is now time to release an image for our first companion, and tell you a bit about him… Introducing Sam Baker: the young reckless soul we were warning you about. Well maybe not warning, he really can be a pretty friendly guy. He just needs a bit of… what’s the word… yes, guidance.

Sam is the greenest member on your crew. A recent graduate of the academy and a son of an important political figure, Sam spent a few years serving as a navigator on smaller vessels before being placed under your command.

His quick thinking and expert navigational skills will become useful, but his harsh and aggressive personality may be off-putting to some.  Sam expresses his beliefs proudly and ridicules and mocks those who disagree with him.

The outerworlds are a cold and unforgiving place, and with that it is important to have someone like Sam around. Someone young, quick on his feet, and always looking to uphold the values of the Commonwealth and help those in need.

Despite his beliefs, his methods may not be something that many agree with and whether you choose to follow his advice is up to you.


Iep: The Protectors of Things Long Forgotten

You find yourself in front of an old ruined battleship. A once majestic flagship now filled with gaping holes. Gravel and sand have seeped into every crack. You make your way into the ship, past the exposed wires hanging down. Out of the darkness two grey eyes light up glaring at you. A small brown skinned creature, ears flared back crawls toward you. It opens its mouth; you cover your ears bracing yourself for a loud screech.

“Hello nice to meet you. My names Gersic. What’s yours?”

In the world of Final Equinox there are many races, not all of which are playable. Despite this, these creatures and races will play an important role in shaping the world. One of these races are the Iep; a small technologically orientated race, obsessed with the preservation of the past. You will encounter the Iep throughout the game as they play an important role in the Outerworlds. The Iep have a strange fascination with technology left behind by the Ancients, refurbishing it for a new purpose. 


Future Updates

I am really excited to say that with all of the cool changes which we have experienced, there are a lot of neat things to talk about. We are currently working on the final iteration of our combat system which we hope to explain in our next update.


Thank You,

Kevin Sawall

Project Director

Dev Blog #2: Crew Morale and Choices

In this update we talk about the importance of choice and morale in the game. How we are going to implement it, and what it means overall.

Kevin here. I just want to start by thanking everyone for the support and outpouring of excitement we received in the early days of our development. We peaked on IndieDB in the #5 slot and have stayed in the top 40 for about 24 hours now. We have spent a lot of tireless days and nights working on this project and it was great to see the excitement that other people had for the project as well. That being said, we would love to keep increasing our web presence for the game, and would like to encourage you to also follow us on our social media platforms.

Well, that isn’t all I wanted to talk about. I also wanted to talk a bit about the crew morale system in Final Equinox: The Arrival. Choice and consequences play a key part throughout the player’s journey. The choices the player encounters won’t simply be black or white. Our choices will focus more on survival and challenging the morality of the player’s character. Throughout the game, larger more obvious choices play as important of a role as smaller dialogue choices. The choices you make will affect the way the player’s character is perceived throughout the game by members of his crew.

Thats a great idea, but what will the lasting consequences be, and how are you planning on implementing this?

In our game we have a unique crew morale system that not only affects your individual crew members based on your interactions with them, but the opinion of your crew as a whole. If the player makes a decision that the majority of the crew disagrees with that could have devastating results; decreasing the efficiency of your crew, and lowering their effectiveness in combat. Be careful who you upset because if certain crew members become too upset not only will their efficiency and usefulness decrease, but they may also cause dissent throughout the fleet.


Kevin Sawall

Project Director

Dev Blog#1: An Introduction

This is the first of of our development blog posts, which outline our game mechanics, lore, and what we hope to accomplish. Be sure to keep checking back on our website as we continue to update you with more information. As of right now, I just want to talk a bit out how the idea of our game came to be, and why we even started making this game in the first place.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk with you guys about how the idea of our game came to be, and why we even started making games in the first place.

In order to do that, we may have to go all the way back to the beginning of when I was a young lad, with way too much time on my hands and access to a computer. I spent hours playing games like, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, and Final Fantasy. I would spend hours slowly crawling through dungeons and reading pages and pages of dialogue. At some point the game industry stopped making those types of games.

About a year ago, I sat down with one of my best friends and he tried to convince me to make a game with him. We spent hours discussing ideas for lore and the setting. We talked about what we liked about certain games and what we didn’t like. From these discussions the setting for Final Equinox was born.

We didn’t want to make a game, that was simply a rip off of our favorite classic rpgs, but a game that merged what we loved about games new and old, and hopefully find a way to move rpgs in a new direction.

We decided our game would focus on turn based space ship combat, and an in-depth crew management system which affects the overall combat ability of your ships.

Final Equinox is a game where your choices matter. Morality takes the form of different shades of grey, and crew death is permanent.

We hope to talk to you more in the near future.

Kevin Sawall

Game Director