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Dev Blog #3: Prepare for liftoff

Newest development update, talking about us entering production and the first location of the game.

Hey guys,

Kevin here, got a few different things we wanted to update you guys on. First of all being we have officially entered production this month. YEAH! It has been exciting seeing the art team and programming team come together to combine their designs and get to see what they actually look like in the game. It’s been really neat, and we definitely appreciate all of the attention you guys have given us; for a game that is still early in the stages of development it is more than we could ask for and are really going to be doing our best to make it worth your while.

New Team Members:

With us entering production we have ramped up our team size quite a bit; adding some more people on the art and programming side of things. It is pretty cool to see the different visions each of our team members bring to the project, and I believe that each person will be able to add something significant to the game. We have definitely come a long way from being two people in a second bedroom in an apartment. We are currently integrating new members into the team, and our production speed has already increased quite a bit, and are very excited to see how things unfold.

Future Updates:

I am really excited to say that with all of the cool changes which we have experienced there are a lot of neat things to talk about. Our goal is to have monthly updates giving insight into our production process as well as detailing our world and the content you can expect to see in the game. As always please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and feel free to send us any questions or encouraging words you may have.

Shout outs:

Go check out ATOM RPG If you love classic roleplaying games as much as we do, you should donate money to their kickstarter. Some of us at Frozen Wasteland Entertainment have already backed this game. I had a great time playing Wasteland 2 and the original Fallout games, and this looks like it could be a game made with the similar amount of care and passion. Plus I’m a sucker for well done turn passed combat and morally gray decision making. Go help them reach some of their stretch goals before time runs out!


Kevin Sawall

Project Director

Dev Blog #2: Crew Morale and Choices

In this update we talk about the importance of choice and morale in the game. How we are going to implement it, and what it means overall.

Kevin here. I just want to start by thanking everyone for the support and outpouring of excitement we received in the early days of our development. We peaked on IndieDB in the #5 slot and have stayed in the top 40 for about 24 hours now. We have spent a lot of tireless days and nights working on this project and it was great to see the excitement that other people had for the project as well. That being said, we would love to keep increasing our web presence for the game, and would like to encourage you to also follow us on our social media platforms.

Well, that isn’t all I wanted to talk about. I also wanted to talk a bit about the crew morale system in Final Equinox: The Arrival. Choice and consequences play a key part throughout the player’s journey. The choices the player encounters won’t simply be black or white. Our choices will focus more on survival and challenging the morality of the player’s character. Throughout the game, larger more obvious choices play as important of a role as smaller dialogue choices. The choices you make will affect the way the player’s character is perceived throughout the game by members of his crew.

Thats a great idea, but what will the lasting consequences be, and how are you planning on implementing this?

In our game we have a unique crew morale system that not only affects your individual crew members based on your interactions with them, but the opinion of your crew as a whole. If the player makes a decision that the majority of the crew disagrees with that could have devastating results; decreasing the efficiency of your crew, and lowering their effectiveness in combat. Be careful who you upset because if certain crew members become too upset not only will their efficiency and usefulness decrease, but they may also cause dissent throughout the fleet.


Kevin Sawall

Project Director

Dev Blog#1: An Introduction

This is the first of of our development blog posts, which outline our game mechanics, lore, and what we hope to accomplish. Be sure to keep checking back on our website as we continue to update you with more information. As of right now, I just want to talk a bit out how the idea of our game came to be, and why we even started making this game in the first place.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk with you guys about how the idea of our game came to be, and why we even started making games in the first place.

In order to do that, we may have to go all the way back to the beginning of when I was a young lad, with way too much time on my hands and access to a computer. I spent hours playing games like, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, and Final Fantasy. I would spend hours slowly crawling through dungeons and reading pages and pages of dialogue. At some point the game industry stopped making those types of games.

About a year ago, I sat down with one of my best friends and he tried to convince me to make a game with him. We spent hours discussing ideas for lore and the setting. We talked about what we liked about certain games and what we didn’t like. From these discussions the setting for Final Equinox was born.

We didn’t want to make a game, that was simply a rip off of our favorite classic rpgs, but a game that merged what we loved about games new and old, and hopefully find a way to move rpgs in a new direction.

We decided our game would focus on turn based space ship combat, and an in-depth crew management system which affects the overall combat ability of your ships.

Final Equinox is a game where your choices matter. Morality takes the form of different shades of grey, and crew death is permanent.

We hope to talk to you more in the near future.

Kevin Sawall

Game Director